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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the number of photographers has also increased. Whether they are professionals or amateurs. Everyone, or the vast majority, now owns at least one smartphone capable of taking pictures, if not a slightly more capable camera. If you read here and there a few articles in the field, apply a few simple rules and there are two or three friends to praise your images ... and you feel like adding a "photography" name to your real name on social media and : P

I perceive the motivations for people to take pictures in different ways. Some do it because they have talent, passion, because they don't know or care about something else, others because they need a hobby, some just because they can afford it, because they want to travel, for fame, or for that I live off of this. In most cases, I can't find all of the above reasons in one man, one photographer. But I also think that none of the reasons are wrong. There are people who don't have much talent or passion for their job and yet they make a living from it and call themselves professionals in any field, not just photography. I'm just glad that a lot of people, like me, are leaning on this field, no matter where does that goes?!

I know there are frustrations and it's hard to judge objectively ... but my idea is that there are few truly visionary photographers. There are many photographers who give their opinion on the phenomenon, including me, but just a few of them bring something really new in this world. With technology, marketing has evolved and with it I see how much of the photo market is occupied by sellers who sell you, photographically speaking, outdated products but presented as art. Why would I buy a super camera for 2500-6500 Euro to brag that I produce images without focus, black and white and full of noise as in the beginning of photography? In the beginning, people did that kind of photography because the technique didn't allow them to do anything else, that was the maximum. But now things are completely different. It's like spending a lot of money on the latest generation of racing bikes to say that this helps you capture the essence of living, when all you do is going to work for 800 meters, twice a year. This also applies to cars! I mean... nonsense! ;) But even there is a niche of customers who want it and it is clear that where there is demand comes the offer.

The main reason for many frustrations is simple and comes from a natural need for people to be told and believe in stories. The idea is that not always, but often, as in life, these people who are actually neither visionaries, nor passionate, nor talented in photography, give speeches and create trends about how they should evolve and be things in the future. Many come, I say chosen words say big words like "art, feeling, humanity", but in the end it all comes down to results on the financial side. This is not fundamentally wrong either! People are willing to believe in stories from childhood, and the more skilled the narrator is, the more enthusiastic his followers are, for whom the story matters more than the results of his work. I happen to meet people who are so passionate, full of talent and photographic vision and who squeeze the latest generation cameras to the last drop of technical limitation ... and for whom the financial part, even if it exists, is not too high in top priorities.

So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it's really fun.

The easiest thing is to scream and shout from the bench!

I tend to judge those who go crazy with "huo" instead. Infatuators who give themselves too much importance with a naughty bravado, make an embarrassing circus and get involved in matters about which they have no idea or competence and make notices for the uninitiated! I think these kinds of people are toxic, caries for society, which we have to put aside in our (short enough) lives. In our area of Europe, I suspect that this specific thing is pulling us down. I think that if we speak in ignorance (in the sense that we have not studied and do not rely on our own experiences), we can refrain from commenting in vain by giving our opinion, possibly offensive to others. That would be uplifting!

From the culture of other peoples, I have learned that it is normal to have different opinions and we are not obligated to make others share the same opinions, so let's be human first!

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